Willow Meaner




Medic Mayhem

Character backstory:

Willow was once a dowdy school girl with all the books and brains, but also the bullies. So she cut her hair short and her skirt even shorter and headed to Canada to learn the ancient arts of being mean. What she discovered was the ancient warrior code: if you can’t play nice, play roller derby. She returned to Adelaide to get her revenge on those who plagued her previous life, but mostly you’ll find her doling out the hip checks to anyone who tries to get past her.


All things British: TV, Music, and men (preferably in suits).


Bullies, small children, mushrooms and concussion. Small children with concussion are acceptable (especially if she inflicted said concussion)

Personal Motto:

Meaner by name, meaner by nature.

Derby crush:

Mary F’n Sunshine, E-Ville Roller derby, Edmonton Canada.

Derby wife:


Earliest roller skating memory:

Getting a ‘tried the hardest at backwards skating’ award at a social skate when she was seven. ‘Tried the hardest’ actually meant ‘fell down the most whilst not moving in the backwards direction whatsoever’. But she got a free skate session out of it which was of course the most important thing.

Theme tune:

Mean – Taylor Swift (a little know fact is Taylor actually wrote this about Willow. True story).