Señor Ahzov




The Law

What is your backstory/ Origin of derby name:

All but convinced of being Dewey Decimate, I was skating past Willow Meaner one training and she was chatting with someone about… sending someone’s arse off. I thought she was suggesting a name.


Wombats, books.

Favourite Position:

Inside front pack ref.

Where will we find you at the after party?

Sitting quietly, drinking red wine.

Skating since:

Quads: 2013; Roller Blades: 1990ish. With a long gap of inactivity between the two.

Tattooed or Cleanskin?


Derby wife?

Nope. Just a real wife who does derby.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

I write comedy novels.

Derby assets:

Well, I think the high centre of gravity, combined with the low leg and core strength, makes me, uh, topheavy and easy to check?

Earliest roller skating memory:

I remember skating on a pair of second-hand $50 roller blades as a kid. They were the shop’s trial pair. We subsequently bought them.