The Law

Origin of derby name:

Is it Devil Spawn or Devil’s Pawn? Doesn’t matter, the Devil made me do it!


Sweaty hugs from all of the boys, all at the same time… eeeuwwww

Favourite position:

All of the NSO jobs, but Jam Timing has gotten boring without that double whistle. Looking forward to on-skate officiating soon!

Derby crush:

I have too many, but Body BagHer (freelance NSO from Queensland) is my favourite right now.

Where you will find me at the after party:

You won’t, I’ll have a cider shandy then head home before it gets rowdy.


Severely strained/slightly torn Medial Cruciate and Mediscus tendons in April 2012. 6 weeks off skates, 6 weeks gentle skating then 4 weeks no contact equalled an investment in knee gaskets and learning to control my falls. Various other minor injuries, including a strained ankle, bruised coccyx and pulled groin muscle. My physio has learned to dodge knees and elbows and accept my cursing with good grace.

Skating since:

October 2011, when I signed up for ADRD Raw Meat about a month after I first put on skates.

Derby wife:

Willow Meaner

Interstate Derby Mistress:

Body BagHer

What derby means to me:

Everything. Derby has given me the determination to get and stay healthy, as well as giving me something to focus on when I really needed it, and has become my passion.

Greatest derby moment:

Having Refs at RollerCon Down Under being relieved when I was on their crew as an NSO and disappointed when I wasn’t. Apparently I NSO good.

Favourite Roller skating memory:

Barrelhouse Bessy telling me I have the makings of a good blocker in a very special 4 on 4 training session, then teaching me how to stand back up after I fell over.

Gear profile:

Sure Grip Rebel Invaders on 89a/92a push combo, and a random collection of safety gear.

Theme tune:

INXS Devil Inside