Anne T. Social




Regimental Rollers

Favourite Position:


How long have you been skating for?

I’ve been skating since 2013 🙂

What does roller derby mean to you?

Roller Derpy is Lyfe.

What is your favourite thing about LCD?

Just one thing? The cuddles… But to be honest, everything

What is one thing that everybody should know about you?

I really like hugs 🙂

Who are your derby idols?

Dizzy Reaper and Goob <3 🙂 They make my heart happy

Pre-Bout pump up song?

Something boppy probably 🙂

Gear Profile

I don’t even know any more. Some padding to keep me safe when I fall, and some wheels so I can skate 🙂

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Mens Nationals! 🙂