Union Smack




Regimental Rollers

What is your backstory/ Origin of derby name:

Born in England – I like the flag.

Favourite Position:

Lead jammer

Favourite Quote/Personal Motto:

“Idle time is the devil’s plaything”

Who is your derby crush?

Fast Twitch Hustle (ADRD) – awesome power and agility.

Where will we find you at the after party?

Somewhere between the bar and the dance floor.

Signature move:

The union smack down


Three lots of damaged ribs and two black eyes.

Skating since:


Tattooed or Cleanskin?


Derby wife?

Tank’D Girl

Distinguishing characteristics:

Being ridiculously tall.

Greatest derby moment:

Winning the 2013 Grand Final.

Best derby memory:

Going to Ballarat with the Light City Sabres – even though we got absolutely flogged.

Earliest roller skating memory:

Skating at the Beaufort Leisure Centre in England at around 8 years old and I remember hearing Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

Gear profile:

Meneghini skates with Boiani Star plates, Atom Fusion wheels, very dry bearings, a poorly customised Protec helmet, 187 knee pads, TSG wrist guards and TSG elbow pads.

Theme tune:

A Kinda Magic – Queen

Sporting hero:

All the LFL girls – they’d make such good derby players.