Regimental Rollers

Origin of derby name:

TriForce was taken from the Zelda video games, it is said that the TriForce is an ancient relic which can only be wielded by an ‘ultimate being’ which possessed three traits: Wisdom, Power and Courage.

Famous For:

Speed, positional blocking.


Endurance drills, anything agility. Also, a challenge.


Planks, and negative attitudes.

Favourite Position:


Derby crush:

Mad Mel Arena!

Where you will find me at the after party:

Analysing the game/session with anyone who will listen.

What gets me fired up on the track:

Seeing my teammates struggling and being caught as a bunny.

Signature move:



None, as of yet! (Touch wood)

Skating since:

Recreationally, my whole life. Refereed derby for three, and playing as of 2013.

Tattooed or Cleanskin:


Derby wife:

The fabulous Pussy CaLaww

What derby means to me:

Derby, to me is a sport that is so that is always changing and developing, incorporating such a wide variety of amazing people, who all share a common passion with you.

Distinguishing characteristics:

A smiley, fun personality. Or Red contact lens.

Greatest derby moment:

Playing in my first ever family and friends bout, and hearing the crowd absolutely roar whenever I was on the track.

Favourite pre-bout warm up:

Dynamic stretching! And fast feet drills

Gear profile:

Riedell 265 with aluminium plates, Adonis 98A wheels, Crazy ABEC 9 bearings.

Theme tune:

Sonnet of the Forest