St Eve




Regimental Rollers

Famous for:

Patron saint of the flat track, Eve loves to punish the opposition for their sins


Delivering the will of the derby gods to hold the opposition jammer back


Sinful apex jumping jammers

Favourite Quote/Personal Motto:

Yea, though I skate through the valley of the shadow of opposition scum, I will fear no lost points for my fellow Reggies art with me; thy kneepads and thy mouth guard they comfort me

Derby wife?

Eve has committed herself to serving the derby gods and will take no mortal wife

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

The gods are on my side

Derby assets:

Stronger than she looks, never shuts up, occasional miracle

Favourite pre-bout warm up:

Prayers of request

Favourite post-bout wind-down:

Prayers of gratitude