Lass Irate




Regimental Rollers

What is your backstory/ Origin of derby name:

I’m a Scottish female, and I get a bit fiery sometimes.

Famous For:

Wearing a lot of pink. But hot pink. None of that pastel rubbish.


People, animals, outdoors, sunshine, hip hop. Rocks! I am a massive geology nerd. Oh and derby.


Rude people.

Favourite Position:

Haven’t decided yet. Probably blocking.

Favourite Quote/Personal Motto:

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Who is your derby crush?

Basically anyone who can skate better than I can.

What gets you fired up on the track?

Wanting to do well and not let my team down.


Fell very hard on my butt when I first started skating and damaged my coccyx. Pulled groin muscle a couple of times.

Skating since:

I skated on and off on quads, in-lines, ice skates and even skateboards when I was younger. I started properly training on quads again in late 2014 and got into derby from there.

Tattooed or Cleanskin?

Tattooed. I have three. One on my wrist and two on my back. They all have a special meaning for me.

Derby wife?

Nope – only a real life husband. He’s enough work thanks. (Not really Mike, you’re amazing.)

What does derby mean to you?

Fun and fitness, strength and confidence.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

I laugh at my own jokes. Sometimes before I finish telling them.

Distinguishing characteristics:

Red hair, freckles

Greatest derby moment:

Getting into LCD

Earliest roller skating memory:

My 10th birthday roller disco party at St Clair. It was amazing.

Gear profile:

Basically a DIY fresh meat pack from Da Klinic. Riedell skates, Protec safety gear. All with as much pink incorporated as possible.

Theme tune:

Dear Science – Seth Sentry. This track combines two of my loves (science and hiphop) in a perfectly funky concoction.

Sporting hero:

Torah Bright – Snowboarder. Mostly because of her infectious smile and the fact that she dances before and after her runs.