Buzz Nightmare




Regimental Rollers

What is your backstory/Origin of derby name?

My hero with a “tough” name

Famous for:

Screaming lots at training, wearing pink and green, extensive Disney and Harry Potter knowledge, disliking the Medics


Puns and Dad jokes


The Medics, cinnamon

Favourite Quote/Personal Motto:

If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!!
To infinity and beyond!

Who is your derby crush?

Blue Wrenegade from ADRD, and our very own Rogue n Josh and Eve Inbetta

Where will we find you at the after party?

Anywhere there’s beer

What gets you fired up on the track?

Nailing awesome moves with my teamies

What does derby mean to you?

Making friends who turned into family <3

Greatest derby moment:

Getting lead jammer in the first jam of the first public bout of 2015

Favourite pre-bout warm up:

Nervously running around and freaking out

Favourite post-bout wind-down:

Sweaty hugs and beer