Dr Dinomight




Regimental Rollers

Character backstory:

This ferocious predator used to spend his time prowling the primeval swamps of the Cretaceous, on the lookout for easy prey. Dr Dinomight established the world’s first all-dinosaur roller derby league but things took a turn for the worse after all his skating buddies were crushed by a giant rock falling out of the sky. After 65 million years of tiny-armed frustration this dinosaur has found himself a new league and is back on the track, ready to roll. RRRAAAAWWWW!!!


Blockin’ like a boss, rushing a wall, can openers and eating small children.


Animals with long arms.

Favourite Position:

Jammer and blocker

What gets me fired up on the track:

Seeing a big ol’ wall of enemy blockers ready to be rushed.


Medial ligament left knee, medial ligament right knee x2, lateral ligament in L ankle.

Skating since:

October 2011

Derby wife:

Smack’n Teez’er

What derby means to me:

A great group of friends, a fun-filled extravaganza, a hot and sweaty workout and a trip to the pub.

Distinguishing characteristics:

Tiny arms, big teeth

Gear profile:

Protec helmet, 187 kneepads, TSG Force III elbows, Pro-Designed wrists, football boots mounted on DA45 Avengers and Bzerk Schitzos.

Theme tune:

Prehistoric animal brigade