Chomp Sonja




Medic Mayhem

Favourite Quote/Personal Motto?

Just Keep Swimming!

Who is your derby crush?

Every single day I add to my list!

Where will we find you at the after party?

Chatting in the corner with fellow derbites.

Skating since?

June 2015

Derby wife?


What does derby mean to you?

Derby is tough. A challenge. It is also freedom. Derby4lyf, yo.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

I am terribly lame but oh so gangsta

Voted most likely to?

Start singing at you on the track

Greatest derby moment?

Too fresh to have many but making the Travel Team is pretty tops! Also any time sticking an apex jump is rad.

Earliest roller skating memory?

The first time I went rollerskating I needed to get an x-ray for a suspected broken wrist. I did not put on another pair of skates for another 19 years but glad I did!