Medic Mayhem

What is your backstory/Origin of derby name:

Was given to me by my awesome skate coach and friend (I call Boss) Sinead from SkateFit SA. I’ll ask her to share the backstory:

“While training in SkateFit SA she was an energetic skater who loved the derby slides!! She did them so well it would make me jump. As a coach/trainer, safety is paramount, so I would turn around to see what the noise was and it was her, again, sliding on the floor, derby style, with her own take on the slide. Everybody in the class would turn to see and laugh at her energetic slides. I joked with the class one session, saying ‘if she keeps that up, she’s going to give us all whiplash’. Hence the WhipLash was born.”

– Sinead O’Boyle, Skate Coach/Trainer, SkateFit SA

Favourite position:

On the track, surrounded by my team.

Favourite quote/Personal motto:

You are on my side, by my side, or totally in my way. Choose wisely!

Who is your derby crush?

Crushes are not my thing.

Tattooed or cleanskin?

Inked. Common theme: roses – all hold special meaning.

What’s the one thing everyone should know about you?

Underestimate me: you won’t be the first, you won’t be the last. However, you will be wrong!

Derby assets:

My awesome team mates/fellow Medics.

Greatest derby moment:

When welcomed into LCD as a Medic.

Gear profile:

It’s not the gear! It’s what you do in it that matters.

Theme tune:

‘Love the fall’ – Michael Paynter

Sporting hero:

I have three: my superhero, MisSiah (#11.11, Vigilantes, MCRG); my mentor, CrashRandicoot (#795, Vigilantes, MCRG); and also, on attending my first derby bout, I was in awe watching Victoria Bitter (Salty Dolls, ADRD).