Smack’n Teez’er




Medic Mayhem

What is your backstory/ Origin of derby name:

I am a shit stirrer at heart, and love to play. As a boy, I was taught that hitting girls is not allowed…. as an adult, I was introduced to Roller Derby, and quickly learned that some girls love a little bit of smackin’ and teezin’…

Famous for:

Face paint


Wild derby peeps and the crazy fun that follows us around.


People that believe derby is about half naked chicks smashing each other while skating, and douchebags.

Favourite Position:

I like all positions, as long as we are having fun. Whassuuuup.

Personal Motto:

“Aaaaww Yeeeaah” And “Never Surrender…Never Give Up”
[Kamikaze Kitten]

Who is your derby crush?

I am greedy and have more than one…. Suzy Hotrod (Gotham Girls), Bonnie Thunders (Gotham Girls), Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls) just to name a few internationals, and also have quite a few from Adelaide Roller Derby League and Murder City Roller Girls, but too many to name.

Where will we find you at the after party?

Floating around being a cheeky Teez’.

What gets you fired up on the track?

I reckon the thing that gets me most pumped is hearing that Lead Jammer whistle sound in my favour, among a few things.

Signature move:

This thing called a cross-over. You should see it. Totes full of awesomesauce hahaahaa.


I grazed a nipple once. Don’t laugh, it actually hurts you know.

Skating since:

2012 after I told a close friend of mine that she skates like a boy… Turns out, I skate more like a boy, go figure, hahahaa. Also skated as a kid. Rolleeerr Discooo!!

Tattooed or Cleanskin?


Derby Wife?

Some guy that got down on one knee on the track and asked me the weirdest question I think I will ever hear hahahaaa… what’s his name? Dr Dinomight from the Regimental Rollers, that’s him (engaged skate-tastic crazy tart stuff)

What does derby mean to you?

Time to be sentimental. Aaaw Yeeaah!! Derby means the world to me. It’s a place where so many awesome people from all walks of life collide like a big wet derby hug of luuurv, and we all have the best fun ever. Derby Frikkin Rocks!!

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

I am just Teez’n maaaan, laugh at me, and laugh with me…
Oh Yeah, Underpants WTF!!

Distinguishing characteristics:

Cheekiness and Sheer Determination can be seen behind my
bout war paint.

Greatest derby moment:

Medic Mayhem winning our leagues first public bouting season (2013), and also being selected as 1 of 2 Co-Captains for Medic Mayhem in 2014, with the beautiful Victoria Bitter.

Earliest roller skating memory:

Skating in my uncle’s old speed skates at my grandparent’s house sometime in the mid 80’s. OMFG without pads and headgear.
So hardcore.

Favourite pre-bout warm up:

Painting my bout war paint

Favourite post-bout wind-down:

Sweaty hugs and derby lurve

Gear profile:

PowerDyne Reactor Plates, Riedell 126 Boots, Atom Juke Wheels (durometer varies), Reckless Evader wheels (durometer varies), Modus Titanium bearings, TSG Force III knee pads, TSG gaskets, 888 derby wrist guards, 187 elbow pads, Protech Skull Protectors. Some of which to be upgraded very soon.

Theme tune:

Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue)