Skates of Wrath




Galactic Guardians

Origin of derby name:

Adapted from the John Steinbeck novel ‘Grapes of Wrath’. Amazing man ahead of his time, and an amazing book. It’s a story of the enduring human spirit, unity and people fighting collectively for justice. Full of passion and determination – like me!

Famous For:

My obsession with sloths


Photography, science, learning, a great book, humour, food, food, food, skates on my feet, people who inspire me, open-mindedness, my son’s laugh, respect, integrity and kindness. And food.


Injustice, people who lack sincerity, discrimination in any form. Oh…and I really dislike hot pineapple (retch).

Favourite Position:

Strategy of a blocker, Adrenalin of a jammer

Personal Motto:

“Start young, skate forever”

Who is your derby crush?

The Ghan, and Evil Stig from ADRD, and Swish Cariboom from VRDL.

What gets you fired up on the track?

A hit to the face


PCL rupture

Skating since:

January 2014

Tattooed or Cleanskin?


Derby wife?

He’s a Montague, I’m a Capulet. It’s a modern day Derby tragedy. Otherwise known as Judgment Ray from Medic Mayhem.

What does derby mean to you?

Mind-clearing focus, determination, passion, drive and being part of a team. A community of like-minded souls that challenge me and accept me at the same time. Derby is a way of life, not just a sport.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?

I’m fiercely loyal and love to laugh. Whoops, that’s two things.

Voted most likely to:

Lose things and forget things!

Earliest roller skating memory:

Four-and-a-half years old, cute blue sun dress (still have photo’s) strapping on my pretty white figure skates, then barreling down Nana’s steep driveway.