Rogue n Josh




Galactic Guardians

Derby wife:

Feisty Fox

How I got into derby:

I’ve been watching derby bouts since 2007, but being a guy I couldn’t join in the game as a player unless I wanted to ref, but being a ref looked insanely difficult! So I didn’t get up on skates for a few years. Then in May 2010 I decided to go and buy some skates to see if I was any good. In June 2011 I got a call out of the blue from one of my friends asking me if I wanted to play roller derby – my mind exploded because it’s traditionally a women’s sport, so when she told me they were starting up a co-ed league I put on my skates and jumped in with 8 wheels rolling!


Powerjams, spinning, and curry, and confusing the Reggies with mind shiny things.


Push-ups, douche bags, and Parmesan cheese.

Distinguishing characteristics:

Silver Shorts

Skate set up:

I put some kangaroo leather football boots onto some crazy plates with Fugitive 92A wheels, and they’re awesome.

Favourite Position:

In front of the opposing jammer

Derby idol:

Barrelhouse Bessy is my original inspiration, she blocked like a boss and jammed even harder. Her most awesome move was taking a hip whip off one of her teammates and she pulled them so hard they went flying to the ground!

What gets me fired up on the track:

An agile opposing jammer. So much fun to block them!


I got a scratch once.

Tattooed or Cleanskin:


Voted most likely to:

Break out into dance on the track. Usually synchronised.

What derby means to me:

Derby grows a community as well as a sport, it is accepting of people with a huge variety of backgrounds and experiences. I am continuously inspired by the love between opposing teams – this is the sport for me!

Greatest derby moment:

Playing for the Wizards of Aus in England in the first Men’s Roller Derby World Cup – March 2014.