Combat Wombat




Galactic Guardians

Character backstory:

Tired of the dusty outback fighting circuit and the petty rewards it brought Combat Wombat put her head down and barrelled towards something bigger. Leaving busted up bilbies, walloped wallabies, K.O.-ed koalas and decapitated dingoes in her wake she burst in upon the world of roller derby. Finding that ramming speed could be more than doubled on skates she knew that she had finally found her calling. Don’t back this determined little dodger into a corner or you’ll find yourself up against the formidable force of the Combat Wombat!

Famous For:

Falling over for no reason.


Picking on people who are bigger than me.


Boys apologising for hitting me on the track.

Favourite Position:

In the wall, backing up the agile people

Derby crush:


Derby wife:

Don’t Panic Pixie

Distinguishing characteristics:

Barrel. In shape and in nature.

Theme tune:

The Warrior by Disturbed