Light City Derby (LCD) is a not-for-profit organisation that takes care of its members by encouraging them to reach their full potential both on and off the track. We provide our skating and non-skating members with a safe environment in which to grow their on-skate skills, rule knowledge and love of the sport of Roller Derby through hard work and hands-on participation in the league. LCD aims to contribute to the growing derby community that exists both inside and outside of our league by sharing with, learning from, contributing to and respecting the wider Roller Derby community that exists in South Australia as well as on a national level.

Why a mixed gender league?

LCD’s founding members all have a background in Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby and to say they are passionate about the sport is an understatement! The modern grassroots Roller Derby revival began earlier this century in the USA and has since spawned over 600 women’s leagues in over 20 countries.

LCD considers mixed gender Roller Derby as both a natural and positive progression of the modern Women’s Roller Derby movement. The league aims to develop and support a mixed competitive travel team as well as both women’s and men’s competitive travel teams to enable inter-league competition.